Laboratory & Medical

If you’re working with an element of scientific method, sample analysis or within a laboratory environment, then an ISO standard can bring tangible benefits to your operation.

It can bring efficiency to routine tasks, help to produce reliable and repeatable results, and ensure you keep accurate records of your work.

Depending on your industry, holding an ISO standard may well be a requirement, either by law (such as for forensics laboratories), or by the expectation of your customers.

ISO 17025 Laboratory Competence is designed to help you achieve robust scientific processes within your organisation.

Despite its name, ISO 17025 Laboratory Competence and Calibration is equally applicable to an engineering company as it is to a lab-based one.

However, if you’re working in the medical devices industry, you have a standard tailored to your field: ISO 15189 Medical Laboratory Competence is for medical laboratories.

You also have another standard for your industry – ISO 13485 Medical Devices. This is similar to the popular ISO 9001, and focuses on meeting customer expectations. We can also assist with setting up the CE Marking requirement for certain Medical Devices.