About Us

“Quality is integral to growth.”

We’ve been established for nearly 20 years now, and our ethos has always been that implementing a quality system should bring tangible benefits to an organisation.

For us, gaining ISO certification is never about gaining the badge; it’s about running a business on world-class principles that increases customer satisfaction, promotes efficiency, boosts profits and sees staff happier in their jobs.

Our Director, Carl Kruger, is passionate about the ability of an ISO system to bring successful growth to businesses:

“My personal view on life is that we all ought to be looking to grow things: whether it’s plants, children, or businesses. To put effort into something for no return means you don’t see this growth. The higher the quality of the process, the more you get out from what you put in – in other words, quality is integral to growth.”

Carl Kruger, Director

Our Guarantee

For nearly 20 years, every single one of our clients has achieved ISO certification or accreditation at the first assessment. That’s why we can confidently guarantee that you’ll get the ISO standard you hired us to help you achieve – no matter what it takes.

Our Qualitation Experts

Our team of Qualitation Experts are chosen for their expertise and shared view of how a quality system can revolutionise a business. They are assessed for their skills, experience, training, personality and working methods. Once they are selected to help a business, they become the single point of contact for everything from analysing procedures to preparing for assessment. They work right alongside employees, becoming part of the team.

Wherever you are in the UK, there’s a Qualitation Expert near you.

The prompt, local and expert service we’re known for is largely down to our team of Qualitation Experts – specialist ISO consultants who guide and mentor our clients through to assessment. The Qualitation Experts are chosen for their experience of ISO standards and their industry expertise.

We have developed our network so that everyone can make use of our services – offering local expertise but with a national reach. Many of our clients like to work with someone local, and our network of experts facilitates that. However, for standards such as ISO 17025 (Laboratory Competence) and the AS 9100 (Aviation) series, our industry specialists frequently travel to another part of the UK, or even the world, to support our clients.

If you’re going for ISO certification or accreditation, you’ll need a Qualitation Expert. Call us and we’ll send one along: 0345 600 6975
Or email: enquiries@qualitation.co.uk